LJ and Cheryl – Wedding Blog

LJ and Cheryl – Wedding Blog

Wedding date: 30.07.2017

Venue: The Faversham, Leeds


me and cherylTell us how old you are and what you do (including how long you have been engaged, your job and any interesting hobbies)

LJ is 28 and a student cardiac physiologist – they are non binary and an online blogger for LGBT (particularly transgender) rights and issues at www.queerenby.wordpress.com . Cheryl is 32 and a night carer in a dementia unit in Leeds. She loves photography and learning new things

Tell us your love story – how did you meet??

We met online on Plenty of Fish when LJ first moved to Leeds. Cheryl asked about LJ’s camera which appeared in a profile picture so we agreed to meet and take photos of the German Christmas market but got asked to not take pictures so we went for cocktails.

We also want to know about the proposal. please include any proposal pictures (everyone loves a good love story!)

Only 6 weeks after meeting LJ had an accident and fractured two vertebrae which meant they had to leave Uni and were going to have to move back to Lancashire with their parents. Cheryl offered for LJ to move in as a joke at first but LJ moved in and promptly proposed 2 months later! LJ spent a long time planning the proposal, something quiet. They wrote and decorated a book full of poetry, verse, quotes and lyrics that reminded them of Cheryl and hid a ring inside it. Cheryl found the ring and laughed, LJ panicked and forgot all the romantic things they were going to say and ended up just saying “no I’m being serious I love you and want to marry you!” thankfully Cheryl said yes after a stunned silence!!

How did you know that they/she were/was the one (this is one for you both to answer!)

Cheryl says: she first told LJ she loved them accidentally when saying goodbye at the train station and it was then that she realised she loved LJ!

LJ says: It was the fact that Cheryl opened up my world to so many new people and experiences. When she said she loved me I felt so excited I went straight home and told my mum and didn’t stop smiling all week!

Tell us about your wedding venue and why you chose it

We chose the Faversham because we wanted something local to Leeds and something quirky that would suit our style. It has a gorgeous conservatory so we can get married under the sky as we initially wanted and get outside to play games and drink cocktails in the sun!

fav outsidefaversham

What has been the highlight of planning your wedding so far?

Meeting our wedding organiser!! He’s actually a friend that Cheryl has known for years but recently started his own business liquor lab events and organises events. He has taken so much stress out of organising it for us!!!

What has been the most stressful thing about WEDDING planning so far?

Our guests!!! Trying to get RSVPs with menu choices and organise their travel and stay over options has been rather stressful! The venue also had a change over of event manager which has been incredibly stressful.

Do you have any funny stories from planning your wedding so far?

Choosing outfits has been quite hilarious – Cheryl and LJ both originally wanted to wear suits, then Cheryl decided on a tartan dress with custom converse, and 6 weeks before the wedding she decided she wanted a white wedding dress too!  Everyone said it would be too late to get a wedding dress cos it takes so long to choose…but we went to one shop and Cheryl chose the first dress she saw and tried on! From suit to wedding dress…it’s been a journey!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

getimageWe are off to Alicante to s tay in an apartmentowned by Cheryl’s Aunt, we’ll also do some day trips out around Spain to Barcelona and Benidorm.

Whats the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in planning your wedding that you can pass on?

Don’t rush things! Things not done right take more time to correct!!

Any additional information?

LJ is non binary (transgender) and uses the pronouns They / Them / Theirs (Not he/him or she/her) They will not be a MR and MRS or MRS and MRS so please avoid the gendered language, we’ll be married and spouses!

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