Wedding Planning :)

Wedding Planning :)

Mhazelwoody husband and I got married at Hazlewood Castle on 3rd June 2012. We stumbled across this magnificent venue by chance and knew that this place was “the one”. We visited Hazlewood Castle on the 3rd June 2011 and the weather was tremendously hot. We decided that we had to book the venue for a year later on this date. Ironically, the 3rd June 2012 was the wettest day of the year…this experience taught us 2 things:

  • When it comes to weddings, organisation is vital
  • You cannot control the weather!


I would definitely consider myself a “list person”, (definition: someone that has a list for everything). This habit (or shall we call it skill), proved resourceful when it came to planning our big day.

Here are my top 5 things to do as soon after you get engaged:

budgetDecide your budget (adding 10% on top for contingency)

When we planned to get married, we decided what our top figure would be to fund the grand affair. In reality when you are visiting venues, looking at cars and flowers, picking caterers, considering entertainment…the initial budget requires a bit of room for manoeuvre. It is important to be realistic, but equally important to have the day you have always dreamt of! Considering 10% over your budget helps to remain realistic, yet in control!


Consider who you will be inviting as guestswedding guests

We had over 400 guests at our wedding. I will give you a few seconds to take that in. 400 guests. It was a lot. If we were to do the whole thing again, we would easily cut the guest list in half. It is easy to get carried away (or rather, for parents to get carried away) and what you envisaged as an intimate affair, becomes one for every man and his dog. The Bride and Groom must remember this is their day and ultimately, they should get the final say. Understandably, if parents are making a financial contribution, then it is fair for them to have their say too – but the final word should always be yours.



Agree on a date for your weddingsave the date 2

Get your wedding date agreed as soon possible, taking into consideration the commitments of your close circle of family and friends. Setting the date is the clincher in making it all feel very real!

Importantly, it enables you to get those vital “save the dates” invitation printed and sent out!


Check out the venues that you really love

wedding venue

Once you have established your budget, number of guests and a date, you are in an excellent position to book
your venue. At Snaptured Photobooth we take bookings up to 3 years in advance. There are some super organised people out there who could have already snapped up your date before you’ve even been to visit the venue of your dreams. Make sure your visit your venue early doors.



Write a “ultimate wedding” list

This list is your ultimate list of all the things that you will need to explore and book for your big day.

The lists could be endless but should include:ultimate list

  • Venue
  • Photographer
  • Caterers
  • Flowers
  • Wedding car
  • Bride outfit/groom outfit
  • Decorations
  • DJ
  • Entertainment


It’s always a good idea to get a quote from at least three providers to compare services on offer and the price. Snaptured Photobooth guarantee to beat any like for like quote meaning that you will not find any other photobooth with a better service or price than us!  That’s the Snaptured Promise J

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and wish you every success in planning your wedding – enjoy every single moment as before you know it, the big day will already be here!

Sending love and organised vibes!

Natasha and Anup x

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